About Louie's Barbeshop

Louie's Barbershop, provides high-end, low-cost quality services, blending the classic comforts of the past with the contemporary hairstyling of today. Our knowledgeable staff of dedicated, personable and skilled barbers, allow every customer a uniquely customized experience.

As you enter Louie's Barbershop, Louie's welcoming smile and calming décor will be your first step to a better looking you! Sitting in one of our classic oversized barber chairs, Louie's Barbershop will refresh and revitalize you with one of our many custom services from cuts, trims, and shaves to a deep tissue massage.


Here at Louie's Barber Shop we believe that a person’s look must correlate with their image. From long layered cuts, to shorter edgier cuts, we bring our clients diverse expertise from around the globe. Giving you the appearance you came in for is only the beginning; it is our duty as professionals to inform you about other best possible styles, versatility, and easy maintenance and care which will go hand-in-hand with your image. Stay in control of your haircut, gradual step method is our approach. Let’s ease you into your look!



At Louie's Barbershop, our expert barbers will give you the cut you want with the care and dedication you deserve. Not sure what kind of cut you want? Your individual barber can suggest a variety of styles that will bring out your best features.


Starting with a warm towel around your face, we’ll lather your skin with a menthol based cooling cream that opens your pores and prepares your skin for the shave. You’ll leave Louie's Barbershop with a feeling of rejuvenation!

Cut and Shave

If you are looking for the royal treatment, then Louie's Barbershop full service cut and shave is just what you are looking for. One of our professional barbers will start with specifically designed cut at your request followed by our specialized hot shave.
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Trimming Beards

Sometimes just a little off the sides is what one needs to get that fresh clean feeling. Louie's Barbershop Beard Trim can do just that with clippers and scissors. A little bit here, a little bit there, and you have, a cleaned-up professional looking beard.